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Bloody Norah TV is a production company run by Sian Gwilliam. Our team is made of some of the brightest production talent in the industry.

We offer outstanding results across 3 business areas: As Producers or Co-Producers, Setting up and operating International Hubs or new formats (with International Consultancy for territories), and Production Consultancy (Creative & Production) supporting independent companies and broadcasters.

We specialise in large scale unscripted, physical, studio, location and reality shows, though our team have worked across a range of programmes in their many years of working in the industry. There is no project that is too big or to small that we cannot add value to.

TV Production

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We work, either as Producers or Co-Producers.

We cover every step of production; developing & pitching, budget writing, format creation, Exec Producing, negotiating terms, location sourcing, securing high profile on screen talent (Music artists & Hosts & Cast), hiring key production staff, production design & lighting design, script writing, technical management, managing risk and compiling welfare protocols, legal, finance, insurance & HR support, post production workflow & DIT management and all areas.

We can handle all your production needs.

Design, Tech Delivery & Covid Support

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Experts in TV design and production planning. We create award-winning and cutting-edge productions from pitch to delivery (design, set, lighting, audio, VFX, scripts, talent booking, negotiation, legal and compliance).

We also offer Covid Consultancy either as a retainer, or per project. We work with H&S advisors, drafting covid protocols, managing supervision on site, and supporting productions through the day to day.

Production Talent & Industry Training

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We are a family of some of the most talented TV creatives in the world. Our network is full of the brightest and most experienced people in the industry. We offer a recruitment service if you are looking for help building your team with creative talent.

Our team are involved in an inclusive training/mentor programme supporting new talent from diverse backgrounds break into the industry.

We promote flexible working at BNTV. Work-life balance is hugely important to us, as is encouraging parents to return to production, after maternity leave. We are a family after all!

Sian is one of the calmest, nicest and most fun people I’ve ever met in telly, she also knows a lot about making it!

Thom Thostrup, 2LE Media

I first met Sian on a difficult production when I thought I was having an aneurysm and was trying to stop myself from being sick. After 30 minutes of speaking with her, 50% of the production issues were solved and I’d been cured with a couple of rennie.

Michael Livingstone, 2LE Media

Sian has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with over the past few years as a Consultant and Line Producer working across several projects posting at ENVY. Her vast experience, knowledge and professional approach genuinely make the whole partnership a joy. Her grasp of complex workflows is superlative, as is her breadth of knowledge of large-scale productions.We can confidently say Sian is one of the safest pair of hands in the world of production management. We always really look forward to working with her. Moreover, Sian’s calm nature and brilliant humour, especially at more challenging times – when it is very much needed, make her a hugely valuable leader and someone who we consider not just to be a client, but a good friend too.’’

Dominic Briere Edney,
Business Development Executive – Envy Post

Bloody Norah are a collection of some of the best talent in the UK and beyond, they probably have around 374 years of TV experience between them!

MIke Wallace, MBC

Sian is one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable people in TV. She brings an incredible energy and positivity to every production. Her passion for production and her incredible contact book made her an invaluable part of my team at Next of Kin Films. She makes everything better!

Steve Lappin, Next of Kin Films


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Bloody Norah is a TV Production company based in London.

Work with us and we will bring your project to life (on schedule, on budget, on point).

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Contact us so we can discuss your exciting project.
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